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Designing with love.


In the beginning we were From Me 2 You, but discovered the name was taken by a major greeting card company, thus, we changed our name to Situations only to learn that name was taken as well. We became Say it in a Card and the name stuck and eventually adopted the slogan “If you feel it, we say it in a card.”  

Our greeting cards were born out of a need for a line that isn’t gender or cultural specific.  We wanted every card to begin and end with the emotion thus any card can be given to male or female.  Although, our greeting cards are not gender or cultural specific, each card is designed to match the circumstance for which you intend.  We realize women purchase the majority of all greeting cards, but we wanted to create a line inclusive of all people and real life situations.  


Our line specializes in interpersonal relationships, such as romantic, familial, platonic.  We have cards for all occasions. From traditional, such as Birthday, Belated Birthday, Encouragement, Sympathy, Thank You, Love, Holiday, Friendship, Family, and Congratulations to non-traditional cards like Break-up, Troubled Relationship, Troubled Friendship, and Wisdom.  


Our greeting cards are printed on a 5x7 brilliant white card stock and matching envelope to accompany.  Each card is adorned with a unique, custom design in a vivid color specific to each category.

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